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Why Choose Granite for Your Countertop?

Custom granite BBQ counter - serving Niagara and Southern OntarioWith the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, and resistance to surface scratches, granite is now the leading choice for home décor, inside and out. Its natural beauty cannot be duplicated.

Composed primarily of quartz, mica and feldspar, every slab of granite is like a new fresh artistic impression placed on stone rather than a canvas.

Consider the endless design possibilities, the variety of edge treatments and the vast selection of colours. As you look at granite you will be amazed at its depth and ability to look three dimensional and the appearance of movement. It truly is captivating.

Four Basic Choices to Make When Considering a Custom Granite Countertop


Choose a color that will be compatible with the décor of your home. A natural variation in the coloring is inherent to granite –shades and streaking are natural in stone. Variations can be solid, speckled or veined and every slab is unique.


Granite countertops generally come in two thicknesses, either 2 cm (¾”) or 3 cm (1 ¼”). Keep these two sizes in mind when choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen or bathroom. The thicker 1 ¼” granite is heavier and is therefore able to span longer distances. The thinner ¾” granite will require supports for overhangs and laminated edges.


Many people buying granite countertops don’t realize that they can select the edge detail they would like on their counters. Granite Innovations offers a variety of edging and we can discuss custom edges to match existing architectural details, as well.

Sink and Backsplash

If you are doing a bathroom or kitchen, the choice here is whether you want a drop-in sink or an under-mounted sink. Under-mount sinks flow seamlessly with your granite countertops. Backsplash choices can range from granite that matches your countertop to a contrasting colour to no backsplash at all.

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